Ecamerone: a true virtual love story hot enough to dry an ocean

The book of today. How storytelling keeps love going on and virtual becomes very real. The intimacy of a modern pan-atlantic internet relation revealed. An amazing few of the private mailbox of Arielle and Rogier in three parts.

The long-distance romance of Arielle and Rogier is destined to fail. How can love survive if the lovers never meet? Can their love blossom if they never touch each other? That is the question of this great love story in three parts.

Storytelling: the bridge over the Atlantic

Ecamerone is the true story of two transatlantic lovers, Arielle and Rogier, who met online but were unable to travel to each other. So, like many other internet relations, theirs was doomed to fail. Stubborn in their refusal to lose each other, they found a creative way to be together. How? By storytelling.

A true, unique and compelling sequence

Ecamerone is the true and compelling display of six years of highly private email traffic. It reveals the unique two-way insight in love and sex from two lovers aching over the ocean. It also contains a strong message to all those older people who think sex is over. It isn't, hear you? This history is a formidable challenge to young and old to spice up their sex life.


Like a frolicsome Scheherazade...

... they told each other stories before sleeping. True and contemporaneous records of their experiences with other lovers. "If I touch another, it's you I feel." The details, the emotions, the staggering openess will appeal strongly to the imagination of the reader. No ink writes so penetratingly as the ink of passion.

Email novel - successor of the epistolary novel

This unique email novel form offers a rich dialogue of adventures and experiences, like people do who want tell about themselves and intrigue the other at the same time, thus creating a highly varied content with a top layer of confidence and a deeper of despair. The top showing how modern you are, feel and think, the second of not wanting to lose the other.

From the authors

You can't always talk, nor Skype, nor stay home, but nowadays you can always write and that was what they did. Because they were always in their minds.

When one slept, the other wrote

"I felt guilty but I knew I should if I wanted keep his interest in me. On the way home I was looking for words. Words with a nuclear charge to pierce the harnassed logic that long distance love never works. When he awoke his mailbox should be on fire. That was how we did: when one slept, the other wrote." (Interview Arielle Hart)


Her bites made the globe steamy hot

"Her bites made the globe warmer, steamy hot sometimes. We kept each other entangled in a dizzy carousel of desperate loving and loving despair. But we kept! Virtual but as real as we could. Where others end on a heap of broken dreams, we kept touching every fibre in each other." (Interview Rogier Oosterhoff)

The parts

Part 1

Arielle Hart and Rogier Oosterhoff quickly become friends and begin an intimate internet exchange. Their relation develops. Arielle lives in Brook